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Off-the-shelf component for corporate taxi integration
URBAN PULSE is an international customer cashback service for accruals in the company’s internal currency (Up). This integration enables taxi payment by UP points.
Taxi module can be integrated in any app (e.g., your corporate app)

Mobile checkout for business with a loyalty program
Business owners (cafe/restaurants, etc.) can use a mobile app to make the cash transactions easier and enable transactions with internal company’s currency.
Employees with an access to the app can view the full insights of all payments of their visitor (even if he/she/they visited them once), thereby getting access to BigData.
Data are further processed and segmented, i.e. the key target user’s details (SmartData) are extracted.

Full technical support for the loyalty system token sale on the blockchain
Token project development and support for further emission and getting listed on crypto exchange.  We have developed the website, smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, investor’s account, and administrative panel. We are monitoring the crypto payment processing, token accounting and distribution.

MVNO is a billing process, system of debiting and management of the corporate mobile network user balances
We have implemented the communication management project enabling flexible user plan setting and easy widget setting from personal account.
This module can be a standalone app or integrated in any other app (e.g., your corporate app).
For business owners who wish to implement the corporate mobile communication within their company. This will enable both efficient communication between the employees and the customers and keeping the customer base without loss.

Payment system as an off-the-shelf business integration tool
We have developed our own payment system to conduct transactions within seconds as a part of our partnership service through identification with a unique payment code valid during 30 minutes. No other data are required for the user to conduct a transaction. It’s very easy: a vendor sends a link to a user for payment where user enters the code generated in his/her smartphone, and transaction is conducted.


Service notifications
Service and transactional notifications are managed in the same account.
You will get a detailed instruction for integration with your product. Data exchange with the service is organized through requests to API via various-purpose HTTP to get information, change or add data.

Premium taxi service
User-friendly premium taxi booking service
It offers a flexible pricing system for our customers to choose the most suitable rate based on the distance and travel time.  You can also book a car in advance to plan your travel.
Just share promo code with your friends and family members who may need our service and earn bonuses after they use our services.

Log generation service
A platform for posting interactive content, multi-channel distribution, efficiency and monetization tracking

Neural network configuration and learning
Neural network configuration for your business to become faster and more efficient. Bring your business to a new level with Aido neural networks
Aido is a company focusing on business support in the neural network configuration to maximize performance in various industries.   We develop and train the neural networks to enable the companies to use AI in their projects and business processes.

Get coupon

Gift certificate service Improves the customer loyalty and increases sales.

Your own delivery facilitation service
You always see the current status of each order. Deli will remind you to start preparing an order or to hand it over to courier for delivery.
Make special offers and award bonuses to encourage your guests to order deliveries more often.

Online appointment service and automation platform is a useful tool for those who wish to organize own personal service for online customer appointment


News website builder in your browser

A new way to buy real estate
Web application for buying real estate with the ability to pay payments, select an apartment / house and maintain a queue for real estate

RC Academy
Quality learning platform

RC Show
A functional webinar platform for live broadcasts, training, webinars for and from the company’s partners. You can acquire a speaker status using RC points for a limited period from one day to one year with unlimited number of broadcasts.

You can use it to conduct transactions within RC Group loyalty program: debit and award bonuses for the customers of retail and service outlets.  The app is installed on the RC Processing cash-register machine, but it can also be installed on the employee’s smartphone.

A website for merchants, owners of retail and service outlets. It helps using the loyalty program from the partner’s account with customer and average receipt statistics, possibility to create campaigns and keep track of the venue’s reputation.

RC Group customer service app Its users can make purchases in the stores from the list and get rewards and additional discounts. The app has been developed for Android and iOS. It also enables using Yandex services and earn points for purchases in the offline city venues.

With this innovative solution you won’t need any additional equipment: no need to buy a cash-register machine, terminal and fiscal memory device, and the receipt tape is successfully replaced by online receipts.

Advertising service
Next-generation advertising networks for the city venues.
At the partner outlets, any customer may find QR code to register his/her receipt that should exceed the specified amount (based on business sphere and personal settings).
The purpose of registration is participation in drawing to get a valuable prize provided by sponsors.
The sponsor’s ad of appropriate quality and content is replayed during receipt registration.
According to campaign terms, the customer may win the grand prize - domestic resort holiday package or one of the multiple gift certificates of various values.
Outlet, where the purchase has been made, gains the customer loyalty, increased average receipt amount, and repeated customer visits.
Advertisers pay the prizes and gain the real reliable target audience instead.
The customers get the gamified process that doesn’t make them bored or require anything except for 5 minutes.
All winners receive SMS with gift activation instructions after the daily summing-up.  Moreover, the project ecosystem provides the opportunity for the registered customers to participate in other amazing online and offline campaigns.


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