"InFinTech Corporation" at the BRICS+ Forum
Representatives of InFinTech Corporation Technopark became participants of the round table organized by the Russian Business Society at the BRICS+ International Municipal Forum.
Digitalization of small business was chosen as the topic of discussion during the meeting. The meeting announced the creation of an organizing committee "2024 - the year of digitalization of small business in Russia".
The participants of the round table were Maria Mikhailova, founder of RDO and CEO of "InFinTech Corporation", Sergey Belokonev, director of the Institute of Global Studies of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Nikita Dontsov, GR-director of RDO, Roman Fomin, director of financial and technical development of RC Group and others.
"It is no secret that supporting small businesses is one of the strategically important tasks of our country," said Maria Mikhailova during her welcoming speech.
BRICS+ is an annual forum held in St. Petersburg with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Rossotrudnichestvo and the Government of the Northern Capital. The event was created to improve the well-being of Russian regions.
"InFinTech Corporation" opened on September 7 in St. Petersburg
The official opening ceremony of the first private technology park “InFinTech Corporation” took place in St. Petersburg on September 7.
The innovation center belongs to the financial and technology cluster. This means that the technology park unites IT companies that develop modern business solutions. The opening ceremony took place in the business district on Sinopskaya embankment.
Guests of the ceremony were deputies of the Legislative Assembly Andrey Malkov and Alexander Novikov, Deputy Chairman for Informatization of the region Dmitriy Kuzmin, General Director of InFinTech Maria Mikhailova, Head of GR of the Russian Business Society Nikita Dontsov and others.
“The cluster has already included 27 companies, and more than 10 more applications for entry are being processed. By the end of the year, the cluster can unite about 50 participants,” emphasized the general director of the technology park, Maria Mikhailova, in her welcoming speech.
All event participants were shown digital services and solutions from InFinTech companies. They were also given a tour of the center’s workspaces: the guests were shown the existing premises and those that the management of the technology park is yet to open. Afterwards a round table took place. The main topic of discussion was the interaction between the IT industry and the state. At the end of the event, participants were invited to enjoy a festive buffet.
The opening of the InFinTech Corporation technology park was the most important event for the cluster in the region and the country as a whole. The Innovation Center will create conditions for the development of startups and will also help entrepreneurs build their businesses. The event has already been reported by the largest media outlets in the Northern capital, including Commersant and the St. Petersburg TV channel.
InFinTech - the 18th cluster in St. Petersburg!
The decision was reached during the constituent meeting on August 1, 2023 at Technopark of St. Petersburg, which was arranged by the Cluster Development Centre.
Corporation InFinTech, JSC has been selected as the managing organisation, with Maria Mikhailova's unanimous appointment as a Chairman. She has stated that by year-end, the cluster will have brought together 50+ companies, with 12 already joined and a further 10 currently under review.
The constituent meeting was attended by Maria Mikhailova, who holds the position of Director General of Technopark Corporation InFinTech, Roman Fomin, FinTech Development Director of Technopark Corporation InFinTech, Karina Patrusheva, IT-Technologies Director General, Dmitry Lazarov, Director General of RC Group Management Company, Lev Khlebushkin, Director General of RK-Technologies, Dmitry Usanov, Director General of RK, and Sergei Kuzyukov, Digital Laboratory Director General.
The outcome of the InFinTech cluster constituent meeting
Yesterday, on the 1st of August, 2023, the constituent meeting of InFinTech cluster was held, organised by the Cluster Development Centre. As per the outcome, InFinTech is now the 18th cluster established with the involvement of Technopark St. Petersburg.
Corporation InFinTech, JSC has been elected as the specialized organization of the new cluster.
Natalia Andrianova, Director of the Cluster Development Centre of Technopark St. Petersburg, JSC, delivered a warm welcome address. During her speech, she expounded measures for supporting innovative business, principles of working with start-ups, and shared valuable experience of interacting with companies.
Maria Mikhailova, Director General of Corporation InFinTech, thanked the Cluster Development Centre of Technopark St. Petersburg for the organisation of the event, the opportunity to obtain the official status and spoke about the goals of the InFinTech financial and technological cluster.
“We aim to establish a cluster of companies operating in the financial and technical sectors of IT, with the goal of facilitating collaboration between them in order to accelerate the development of products required by the market. We streamline the work of entrepreneurs and industrialists. We are in favour of the government's agenda to provide Russian businesses with domestic goods that can substitute imports, and we rely on the collective strength of Russian enterprises and technologies. Twelve companies have already joined the cluster, and over 10 additional membership applications are currently under review. By year-end, the cluster is expected to comprise approximately 50 participants.”
Vadim Kurakin, Director of Regional Engineering Centre, SafeNet, addressed the attendees during the meeting. He outlined the Centre's core focuses and highlighted the primary project, which is a showcase area for Russian infrastructure software and hardware vendors, featuring information security software solutions.
In future, the participants of the meeting concurred to collaborate in promoting local FinTech software on both Russian as well as foreign platforms.
According to Maria Mikhailova, African states are highly intrigued in incorporating Russian solutions in this domain at the governmental level.
“At the Russia-Africa summit, we discussed this matter extensively,” stated Maria Mikhailova.
At the conclusion of the event, Maria Mikhailova extended an invitation to all attendees for the forthcoming opening ceremony of the office premises, scheduled for the 7th of September.
InFinTech cluster constituent meeting
Tomorrow, on the 1st of August 2023 at 2pm, the inaugural cluster gathering of Corporation InFinTech, JSC, the North-West Federal District's foremost private financial technology Technopark, will occur.
The event will take place at “Yuzhny,” the hall located within the premises of Technopark St. Petersburg.
The primary aim of the constituent meeting will be to elaborate measures and mechanisms to support clusters and cluster initiatives, to ensure increased competitiveness of the cluster members, to develop incentives for cluster formation, to consider applications to join the financial and technological cluster of InFinTech Technopark, and to elect the management of the company.
The meeting will be attended by Maria Mikhailova, Roman Fomin, FinTech Development Director of Technopark Corporation InFinTech, Karina Patrusheva, IT-Technologies Director General, Dmitry Lazarov, Director General of RC Group Management Company, Lev Khlebushkin, Director General of RK-Technologies, Dmitry Usanov, Director General of RK, and Sergei Kuzyukov, Digital Laboratory Director General.
Nikita Dontsov, GR Director of InFinTech Technopark, will moderate the event.
The Technopark is a comprehensive scientific and technological complex encompassing all stages from fundamental scientific research, pilot production, through to the development of new products. In contrast, a cluster is a group of companies with similar profiles. The government is currently implementing a cluster policy, which aims to increase the sustainability of all resident companies, reduce costs and improve labour efficiency.
Implementing cluster policy promotes business competitiveness by unlocking the full potential of cluster members. This includes providing greater access to innovative products, technologies, specialised services and highly qualified personnel. Additionally, cluster policy helps to reduce transaction costs that support joint cooperation projects.

The first private Technopark in St. Petersburg
Corporation InFinTech Technopark will be the first private Technopark in the financial technology sector in Russia and the first private Technopark in the North-West Federal District.
The government is currently implementing a cluster policy. Operating within a cluster benefits resident companies by enhancing sustainability, reducing expenses, boosting labour productivity and creating vital product value that is essential for the country's growth.
The Technopark is a comprehensive scientific and technological hub that encompasses all aspects, including fundamental scientific research, pilot production, and product development. On the other hand, a cluster is a collective of businesses with similar profiles.
An organization supporting and developing innovative start-ups and companies, the Technopark has several strategies for generating income: rent from residents; commissions from transactions made by resident companies; investment income; training and consultancy; grants and subsidies; in addition, the Technopark can generate income from related services such as technical support, marketing services and rental of equipment and infrastructure.
As of today, we have registered the legal entity of the inaugural private Technopark in St. Petersburg - Corporation InFinTech, JSC. Furthermore, we foresee potential for our solutions in Technopark and cluster development in other regions of Russia, and cordially invite your participation.
InFinTech's first residents.
Technopark Corporation InFinTech, will be the first privately-owned Technopark in the financial technology sector in Russia, as well as first private Technopark in the North-West Federal District.
Nikita Dontsov, GR-director of the Russian Business Society:
“To date, several private technopark projects exist in Russia, including ones in Perm, the Saratov region, and other regions. Corporation InFinTech will be the first Technopark in the realm of financial technologies and IT of this kind”.
RC Group and the Russian Business Society will be among the initial occupants of the Technopark Corporation InFinTech. We are currently making arrangements to ensure the most favourable conditions for residents' work processes.
The initial placement of occupants is planned for 16th July 2023.
Read more about this news on the Gazety o Rossii website:
Presentation of the first resident of the InFinTech Technopark RC Space
On the 21st of July at noon, online presentation will take place featuring the debut resident of St. Petersburg's first private Technopark specialising in financial technologies - Corporation InFinTech RC Space, JSC.
The Technopark is a complex dedicated to scientific and technological advancement that involves fundamental scientific research, pilot manufacturing and the development of new products.
During the broadcast, we will discuss our plans and prospects for the development of Technopark and cluster solutions across other regions in Russia.
The speakers in attendance will include:
Maria Mikhailova, Founder;
Nikita Dontsov, GR-Director; and
Roman Fomin, FinTech Development Director.

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