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InFinTech Technopark Opening Ceremony

On the 7th of September, 2023, the opening ceremony will be held for the private Technopark, the only one of its kind in St. Petersburg.
InFinTech Technopark is poised to become the first private financial technology Technopark in Russia and the first private Technopark in the Northwest Federal District.
This is a significant event, not only for our company but for all entrepreneurship in Russia. The primary purpose of the Technopark is to aid and foster entrepreneurs, as well as advance innovative start-ups and companies.
The 7th of September, 2023
InFinTech business incubator opening.
In October 2023, InFinTech intends to establish its own business incubator.

The business incubator is being established as a structural division of InFinTech with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs operating in the financial technology industry. To this end, the incubator will render an array of services, including fundraising assistance, business development strategy development, and provision of equipment and workspaces.

October, 2023

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