As a company developer, our main products include loyalty programmes, marketing platforms, complex blockchain projects and payment solutions.

The primary services offered in the first three years involve developing information portals, online shops, sales Landing, and basic e-com applications for mobile devices.

The company is the holder of the RC Group brand and owns various domestic developments in marketing, loyalty programmes, telecommunications and payment services.

The company holds the RC Group brand as well as the rights to numerous domestic developments relating to marketing, loyalty programmes, telecommunications, and payment services.

The company holds a state educational license to offer supplementary education and retraining services through its own educational programs, in line with the directives set by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

One of the main focus areas concerns the creation of software and hardware in the telecommunications industry. Under the NVNO programme, it is possible to adapt virtual mobile operators in a flexible manner.

The business was established to assist an anchor client as a main contractor in arranging the information technology framework of a trading enterprise.

The company offers a variety of services connected to the provision and promotion of goods and services online.

The first housing and savings co-operative with an automated system for recording contributions and shares.
The accounting software developed in-house is sold to other co-operatives under a sub-licence agreement. The software is specifically designed for charting and predicting the trends and financial stability of the Housing Savings Co-Operative.

The company holds an insurance broker's licence and has implemented its own accounting system for managing payments to agencies for the insurance products sold. This solution is provided as an internal service.

RK Market is an online marketplace for affiliate products.
The software is exclusive and comprises multiple integrations with logistics and trading associates, payment facilities and loyalty scheme.

RC Group Media

The company is a media licensing company that produces both online and offline publications. The layout and formatting are created using a proprietary platform and artificial intelligence.

Association for the development of franchise entrepreneurship and partnership programmes brings together current market leaders and encourages innovative IT solutions to support small businesses in the Russian Federation.
The mass media project, newspaper about Russia with author's content about the country's development.
An innovative banking platform that offers processing for payment systems.
Its core feature lies in the management of accounts for legal entities and supporting transactions through EDI documentation.

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