About Technopark
The government is currently implementing a cluster policy, aimed at increasing the sustainability of all resident companies. Working collaboratively within a cluster allows for a reduction in costs, an increase in labour efficiency and creates added value for products, which is necessary for the country's economy. The Technopark is a comprehensive scientific and technological hub that encompasses all stages from fundamental scientific research to pilot production, culminating in the creation of novel products. In contrast, a cluster comprises of businesses with a similar profile.
Technopark, an organization that supports and develops innovative start-ups and companies, employs various strategies for generating income: rent is generated from residents, and commissions arise from transactions of resident companies. Additional sources of revenue include investment income, training and consultancy, as well as grants and subsidies. Furthermore, the Technopark offers related services, such as technical support, marketing services, and rental of equipment and infrastructure, which also generate income.
We are establishing the first private Technopark in St. Petersburg - Corporation InFinTech, JSC. Furthermore, we envision opportunities for expanding our Technopark and cluster development solutions to other regions of Russia, and we cordially extend an invitation for you to participate in these ventures.

Technopark Ecosystem
applications of IT-PARK, LLC

Developer, whose primary products include loyalty programmes, marketing platforms, complex blockchain projects, and payment solutions.

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